Loboda at Verde Beach Dubai A Night of Musical Magic

Loboda at Verde Beach Dubai

Dubai, a city renowned for its opulence and extravagance, is about to witness a musical extravaganza like no other. On Friday, October 20th, 2023, the luxurious Verde Beach Restaurant in the shadow of the iconic Burj Al-Arab will play host to the sensational Ukrainian singer, Svetlana Loboda, in a concert that promises to be an unforgettable experience.

The Star of the Evening: Svetlana Loboda Svetlana Loboda, the star of the evening, is a Ukrainian singer with a global fan base. Her powerful vocals and magnetic stage presence have made her a beloved figure in the music industry. With a diverse music repertoire spanning pop, dance, and electronic genres, Loboda is known for her visually stunning live performances and her ability to connect with her audience.

A Night Under the Stars The Verde Beach Restaurant, often hailed as the new Temple of Luxury Party in Dubai, provides an exquisite backdrop for this grand musical affair. With the shimmering Burj Al-Arab in the distance, the scene is set for a night of unparalleled glamour and entertainment. As the stars twinkle overhead, you’ll be serenaded by Loboda’s greatest hits, making for a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to witness her live performance in Dubai.

Book Your Tickets Now The event is scheduled to start at 22:00, but the doors open at 21:00, allowing you to soak in the ambiance of this picturesque venue. To secure your spot at this exceptional event, be sure to book your tickets in advance. Tickets for Loboda’s live show are available on Platinum, with prices starting at $252.59 USD.

Additional Information For those seeking the ultimate VIP experience, there’s a seated category that includes a gala dinner. You can choose from a selection of red, white, rose, or sparkling wine to complement your meal. It’s a luxurious touch to an already extravagant evening.

It’s important to note that the entrance fee includes a deposit of AED 900 at the bar, ensuring you can enjoy your evening to the fullest.

Don’t Miss Out Loboda’s live performances are a rare treat, and this event promises to be a showcase of her immense talent and star power. As you sip on fine wine, dine under the stars, and listen to the enchanting melodies of Loboda, you’ll find yourself swept away by the magic of the night.

For music lovers and those seeking a taste of Dubai’s luxury lifestyle, Loboda at Verde Beach is an event that should not be missed. Book your tickets now and get ready to be part of a musical extravaganza that will leave you with memories to cherish for a lifetime. This is your opportunity to experience the best of music and luxury in one stunning evening.

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