Abdullah Al-Ruwaished Live Abu Dhabi 2024

Abdullah Al-Ruwaished Live in Abu Dhabi

Get ready to immerse yourself in the soul-stirring melodies of Khaleeji music as Abdullah Al-Ruwaished, the ambassador of this rich musical tradition, takes center stage in Abu Dhabi. On the 24th of February 2024, Saturday, the Cultural Foundation in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, will host an unforgettable evening, “Jalsa with Abdullah Al-Ruwaished.”

Abdullah Al-Ruwaished, a musical luminary hailing from Kuwait, stands as one of the region’s most celebrated and beloved artists, boasting a remarkable career spanning over four decades. His contribution to the Arab music world has earned him a special place in the hearts of fans worldwide.

The Cultural Foundation is proud to present this exquisite and intimate performance, where Al-Ruwaished will serenade the audience with his most famous songs, creating a captivating atmosphere that transcends time and space. The evening promises to be a journey into Al-Ruwaished’s unique musical world, leaving an indelible mark on every attendee.

What sets “Jalsa with Abdullah Al-Ruwaished” apart is the intention to offer a series of performances featuring not only Al-Ruwaished but also other Khaleeji and Emirati superstars. The setting for these “Jalsa” events is carefully curated to reflect the authentic music traditions of the region, providing a cultural experience that goes beyond the music itself.

For those eager to be part of this musical extravaganza, ticket prices start from 155.86 USD. The doors will open at 19:30, and the venue, the Cultural Foundation, is set to provide the perfect backdrop for an enchanting evening filled with nostalgia and contemporary charm. To secure your spot, tickets can be conveniently booked online through the event booking page.

Don’t miss the opportunity to witness the magic of Abdullah Al-Ruwaished live in Abu Dhabi. Join us for an evening that promises not just a concert but an immersive experience into the rich tapestry of Khaleeji music, where tradition and contemporary flair come together in perfect harmony. Book your tickets now for a night that will resonate with the echoes of musical brilliance.

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