Aakash Gupta Live in Dubai: A Night of Laughter and Entertainment


When it comes to comedy that transcends borders and tickles the funny bone of diverse audiences, Aakash Gupta stands out as a shining star. With his unique brand of humor and a growing fanbase, he is set to grace the stage in Dubai for the first time on the 30th of September 2023 at the Emirates Theatre. In this article, we delve into what makes Aakash Gupta’s show a must-watch event and why you should book your tickets without delay.

Aakash Gupta: The Comedy Maestro

Aakash Gupta, the winner of Amazon Prime’s Comicstaan Season 2, is a comedic genius of our time. His wit, humor, and impeccable timing have earned him accolades both on the internet and on stage. Aakash Gupta’s journey to stardom has been nothing short of remarkable.

From YouTube Stardom to Live Performances

One of the reasons Aakash Gupta has gained such immense popularity is his presence on YouTube. His stand-up videos, featuring hilarious catchphrases like “Excuse Me! Brother!” and “Shampoooo,” have garnered over 190 million views and have become viral sensations on social media. His ability to connect with the audience through relatable humor is unparalleled.

A Multifaceted Talent

Aakash Gupta is not just a comedian; he is a versatile artist. Apart from his comedic prowess, he is an actor, YouTuber, and a theater artist. His journey into the world of comedy was kick-started when he emerged as the co-winner of the second season of Comicstaan. His training in performing arts has equipped him with the skills to master the art of sketch comedy, making his performances dynamic and engaging.

The Dubai Debut

Dubai, known for its love of entertainment and multicultural audiences, is the perfect setting for Aakash Gupta’s debut performance. The show is scheduled for the 30th of September 2023 at the Emirates Theatre, located in the prestigious Emirates International School.

Show Schedule

The event offers two shows to choose from:

1st Show

Doors Open: 5:30 PM

Show Starts: 6:00 PM

Duration: 1 hour and 15 minutes

2nd Show

Doors Open: 8:30 PM

Show Starts: 9:00 PM

Duration: 1 hour and 15 minutes

Language and Venue

The show will be performed in both English and Hindi, ensuring that a wider audience can enjoy the humor. The venue, Emirates Theatre, is a well-equipped and comfortable space that guarantees an unforgettable evening.

Ticket Information

Tickets for this much-anticipated event start at just $35.08 USD. To secure your spot for a night of laughter and entertainment, you can conveniently book your tickets on platinumlist.net.

Aakash Gupta’s live show in Dubai promises to be a laughter-filled extravaganza that you won’t want to miss. With his remarkable talent, viral YouTube presence, and extensive training in the performing arts, Aakash Gupta is set to deliver a memorable performance that will leave you in splits. Book your tickets now and be part of this unforgettable night of comedy.

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